Ground Level

Ground Level
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The Ghost of Mistmoor - Ground Level


I found it odd that they initial approach to the mansion was not detailed. I thought surely they would have some grand front lawn or approach, but it didn't exist in the module, so I added it.  I also took a few liberties with the audience room.  In particular, I included some crushed tiles with the Mistmoor pegasus on them.  I thought it looked spooky to see them crushed as if by a giant hammer - perhaps the players would suspect a more aggressive haunting?  Either way, it was in keeping with the obvious hatred of something towards the Mistmoors. 


Some parts of this map were fun to do, such as the baths, the writing on the floor, the cliffs, and the vegetation touching the house.  Other parts, like the random vegetation in the yards...  they were just that - random.  I had to force myself to put in time with those, and I'm still not pleased with how they turned out.


Note that there are both day and night time versions of all maps, and I have further broken the ground level into three parts: Front Yard, First Floor, and Back Yard - for those who don't want to download the Absoludicrously Large (3,200 x 6,400) full maps.


Variations and Smaller Segments

Day Night

Front Yard (2.9 MB)

Front Lawn (2.3 MB)

Downstairs (3.8 MB)

Downstairs (3.7 MB)

Back Yard (4.2 MB)

Back Yard (3.4 MB)

Ground Level XL (7.8 MB)

Night-Time Version (5.3 MB)



Smaller Versions (25 dpi)

XL Ground (day/night) zip  (559 K)



The original map