The Ghost of Mistmoor

Ground Level
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The Ghost of Mistmoor - PreGens

I recently converted this module to 4th Edition and ran it at Dragon*Con 08.  It was a hit, and the conversion to 4th Edition was pretty seamless.  In fact, the characters came out so much better in 4th.  Note that some of these pre-gens are derived from Stu's Campaign - a moderator on an old Ravenloft forum, the Kargatane.

I made Item and Power cards for each character as well.  They are available here in PDF format.



Dramatis Personae

Professor Amelia Joan Moret

A librarian gunslinger who is dedicated to studying the denizens of darkness.  Her knowledge in Ravenloft lore, Lycanthropes, and Undead is matched only by Van Richten himself (her idol).




Caine Shadowborn
Caine is the son of a noble from Mordent, and was raised around firearms, fox hunts, and more cosmopolitan pursuits.  Despite his upbringing, he prefers the more traditional heavy armor & shield, cannot stand the smell of gunpowder, and wields his family heirloom, a silver longsword called "Anathema."


Isaiah Carter

A human priest from Ohio, 1896 in the Gothic Earth setting.  He lost his wife and child on earth and is now looking for a purpose in his life in Ravenloft.  He has few treasures, just his bible, his father's antique gun, and his wedding ring.



Heinrich Wolfenstein

A human Sorcerer and Alchemical Philosopher.  He has impressive medical expertise and is constantly researching new medicines. He doesn't believe in the supernatural, and actually draws his power from a scientific power source. 



Rahm Whithermere (Von Zarovich)
A human thief.  He is a pyromaniac with Multiple Personality Disorder.  He is a proud (?) owner of a Ba'al Verzi Dagger-- an assassin's dagger that can ignore armor.  Recently, he managed to exorcise a fragment - Jenner.  Jenner was actually the ghost of his father, a Ba'al Verzi assassin, who is now roaming the Dread Realms as a ghostly assassin in the employ of Strahd Von Zarovich.



Verret Von Holten
A dark half-vistani of curious origin, Verret never knew his father.  He spent many years in the backstabbing, political domain of Dementlieu, and is a master investigator, swordsman, and jack-of-all trades.  He is still haunted by the loss of his newlywed wife.