The Ghost of Mistmoor

Ground Level
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The Ghost of Mistmoor

This is quite possibly my favorite Dungeon Magazine adventure ever.  With the use of d20pro, I knew that dynamic fog of war and visuals would really help make this adventure come alive even more than it had in previous runs.  I've been wanting to do a high resolution map of the mansion for a while but it just seemed like such a huge undertaking, so I kept putting it off.  Then I needed something to run for Dragon Con, 2007, and decided that this would be it.  Little did I realize how much work it would be.

In addition to the high resolution maps, there are some image files for portraits and hauntings - just a bit of Photoshop work that I figured you all would like to have as well.  In addition, I'm also including all of my d20pro map files.  These include the graphics, NPCs, and map alterations and are ready to import into d20pro.  

I have NOT included the original module, as that is copyrighted.  I suppose the maps are as well, but I hope that the original copyright holders understand that this work is an homage and does not function without the module.  If you are the copyright holder and feel that my work is infringing on your copyright or revenue, please notify me via the address at the bottom of the page.

The module is part of Dungeon Magazine issue #35.  You can purchase the physical module on EBay or wherever you can find out of print Dungeon Magazines.   Paizo, the company that has until recently published Dungeon, lists the issue for $15.00 - but it's currently not available.



The Ghost of Mistmoor

Dungeon #35 (May/Jun 1992), page 52

Publisher: James M. Ward

Author:  Leonard Wilson

Cover Artist:  Scott Burdick

Interior Artist: Tom Dow

Cartographer:  David S. "Diesel" LaForce