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The Ghost of Mistmoor - Upstairs

This was my first map with real depth (in both the yard and ballroom). I re-used the yard from the bottom floor and applied a Gaussian blur in Photoshop to create the sense of depth - that this was a 2nd floor map. 

This level also had some interesting variation because of all of the different bedrooms - they each had to reflect the personality of the Mistmoors and were well described in the module.   I also had to carefully reconstruct in my own mind what happened in the story, so that I could leave visual clues on the floors.

One of the strengths of d20pro and other Virtual Tabletop software is that players can SEE what is in the room, requiring much less listing of basic room contents from the DM - I can focus much more on the flavor, the feel of a room, and other senses like sounds, smell, etc.

Because of the investigative nature of this module, it demanded that I be prepared to know details like descriptions of bloodstains, dust disturbances, and object placement.  Mapping much of this ahead of time crystallized things for me so I ran the adventure much more fluently than any time before.

As usual, both daytime and nighttime maps are included to the right.

Upstairs (2 MB)


Upstairs - Night (3.1 MB)


Original Map