Ground Level
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The Ghost of Mistmoor - Downstairs

This was a fairly straightforward map.  There are two sections here - below the house and below the catacombs.  Now, you may be wondering what a DRAGON is doing in a gothic horror dungeon...  I say just get the module and you will understand, heh.

NOTE: I'm aware that much of this map is black, and that printing it would require gallons of ink.   Keep in mind that I create these as both art and functional maps for digital projection - and with a projector, black is GOOD, since it uses less light.  It also looks more realistic and less like a paper map.  Having said that, I can produce a map with a white background if enough people express an interest.  Just email me (see below) if you need this.  Of course, you could also go buy d20pro or any other virtual tabletop program.

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