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The Ghost of Mistmoor - The Vault


Finding the Mistmoor family Vault is the end goal for this module, so I didn't want to spoil anything for folks by placing it in a specific section of this site. 


This map was actually quite easy to make.  Lots of content was pulled from Dundjinni's user art forums.   Included below the thumbnail is a version without the shadowy figures.  Note that there was no map for this included in the adventure.

Mistmoor Vault (522 Kb)

 Without "Ghosts" (521 Kb)


The Ghost of Mistmoor - Specific Art


These are some images of the portraits mentioned in the module, as well as one haunting and a tapestry.  Great care was taken to recreate these as faithfully as possible to the module.  In some cases, like with the Viscount and his wife, there was not much description to go on, so I had to make it up.  Most of these images were taken from various artists on the web.  If you work is used here and you would like it removed, please notify me and I will comply immediately!


Referenced in Module - Player Handouts

These images are specifically alluded to or referenced in the module.  Images come from a variety of sources, and I am in the process of securing explicit permission for some of the artwork.  

Wednesday Mourning:  The following images are modifications of art from from Wednesday Mourning, a striking and prolific gothic model.  She has generously granted permission for me to host these altered images for others to enjoy in the context of the adventure.  As noted in my Creative Commons licence, you may display or share these images for non-commercial purposes, but MUST credit Wednesday Mourning by providing a link to her other notable work:  www.wednesdaymourning.com




These are various paintings found around the mansion, and are not specifically mentioned.  I just figured it would be good to have a few other suitable paintings in case the players were curious.  Most of these are from classical baroque paintings except for the first one from Raphael Lacoste.   Get the whole collection in a zip file.