d20pro Maps

Ground Level
d20pro Maps



LOTS to do here, but if you are just itching for the d20pro files, grab them in a big ZIP here:


mistmoor_d20pro.zip (15 MB)

XL map not included - maps are broken into front, back, etc.


mistmoor_XL.zip (7.6 MB)

One giant map for the whole ground level

Warning:  Resource Hog!




PLEASE NOTE:  These map files do NOT contain night-time variations for each map, since that increases the file size and consumes more resources during play. 


To use night-time images:

  • download the jpgs from this site

  • place them into your map folder (d20pro/dm/res/FLR) - ideally in a sub-folder

  • Start up d20pro and open the corresponding map

  • Click the SCALE button and browse to the nighttime version

  • Optional:   Ctrl+click anywhere on the map and then click the small  x in the right-hand pane - this deletes your daytime image.

  • Select the nighttime image and click on FILL.