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I've been playing D&D now for about 18 years, and it seldom grows old.  Roleplaying games, in general, are a wonderful way to develop creativity, social interaction, mathematical skills, vocabulary, storytelling skills, and problem solving skills.  That, and they are tons of fun.  I currently run two different campaigns, but we play every other week, so one weekend I am completely off, and the next weekend I game Saturday and Sunday.


I am EXTREMELY fortunate that my wife plays with me.  She enjoys D&D and is pretty involved in World of Warcraft as well.  She still knows how to get out and see the world, and helps keep me grounded.  We have a little one on the way, and I hope to foster a respect for gaming with our child, whether he/she ever becomes an avid gamer is not for us to say...  but we can hope!