House Rules
4E Power Cards

Here are some of the files I use to help manage my campaign.  There are more files in the House Rules section, too.  Some files require Adobe Acrobat Reader. 

Character Sheets

3.5 Edition Character Sheet with Formulas (Excel)
This sheet calculates encumbrance, armor class, and skills (including racial and synergy bonuses).  It is in Excel format, and you may have to tweak the margins or printing preferences to make it print on two pages.  It is different for every printer.  This sheet works exceptionally well on heavy paper, like cardstock, as you can print on each side without bleeding.  Looks great with the Centaur Font.

3.5 Character Sheet with Formulas (D&D LEAGUE VERSION) - same as above, but also includes a Module Summary Log.

Blank 3.5 Character sheet (Excel)
This prints out blank, and has no formulas.  Useful for filling out manually on your computer.

Blank 3.5 Character sheet (PDF)
This prints out perfectly for hand-written copies.


Equipment Buying Sheet (Excel) - 3 MB!!
This worksheet is large, but amazing.  It contains every item (magical ones too) in the SRD plus a few more.  Simply key in the amount of gold you have and start buying.  It also calculates encumbrance and prints out a handy equipment page.  Created by Robert Adducci.

Party Worksheets (Excel)
This sheet helps a DM keep track of party hp, AC, skills, treasure, and such.

Point-Buy Worksheet (Excel)
This sheet helps you pay for your ability scores.  Created by

Item Cards (Word)
This template prints out very nice item cards, sized to fit Avery business cards, size 5371.  See the sample card to the right. (Word)
All the fun of the original Item Cards, without the parchment.  Perfect for saving ink or colored paper.

Sample Item Cards (zip) - 1 MB
A few sheets that I made for my current campaigns.  You might find a use for them (or not)

OLD item cards (zip) - 3 MB
These are old, and do NOT necessarily print correctly to business card 5371.  Use these only for images or item text. You have been warned!

Monster Cards

Monster Index Card (Word)
A great template that prints out onto a 4x6 inch index card.

Monster Note Cards - Entire Collection (ZIP)
My current collection of monster index cards, 219 monsters and NPCs in all.  All I ask for in return for your use of these cards is that you email me any new ones you type up 


Centaur (54 Kb):  The default font for my character sheet and other documents!  A very nice font.

Morpheus (35 Kb):  For the Gothic look.