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Paizo's Rise of the Runelords - in 4th Edition

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Former Campaigns

The Temple of Elemental Evil - Might & Magic

I am running two campaign groups at the moment.  We play every other weekend - both days.  Both groups are going through the original 1985 mega-module:  The Temple of Elemental Evil, by Gary Gygax and Frank Mentzer.  This is an AD&D module and is being converted to 3.5 edition as we go along.  I am using some older 3.0 material from the last time I ran it (around 2001) and some material from ENworld.  You an download a copy of my materials here.

We had a forum for character journals and plot synopsis, as well as our first attempt at a Campaign Wiki.  The wiki is basically an on-going encyclopedia of the campaign world, and includes information on everything the players discover, from places to NPCs and such.  You can also download character sheets of the characters there.  These sheets are archived for each level, giving us a record of character development.


This group was very caster heavy.  In fact, every character in this 6-man group was capable of casting spells at some point in their career.  Three were cloth wearers - and a fourth wore a mithril chain shirt - even though he is working towards Mystic Theurge.  Other strengths included control spells and a good range of knowledge and social skills.  Weaknesses were in DPS, stamina, and front-line ability - though Spiritwolf's bear will be a force to reckon with eventually.

  • Arcanix - Dwarven Cloistered Cleric / Custom Sorcerer (going for Mystic Theurge)
  • Lancaster - Human Paladin of St. Cuthbert
  • Mensch - Human Beguiler (Vow of Poverty)
  • Meredith - Elven Priestess of Ehlonna / Monk (Fem)
  • Spiritwolf - Wild Elf Ranger / Barbarian / Druid of Fenmarel Mestarine (Fem)
  • Will - Human Sorcerer (pirate themed)


This group is very melee heavy.  They have very little diplomatic skills, but have amazing front line strength.  Strengths include stamina, damage output, hit points, and a single-classed healer.  Weaknesses include anything remotely social.

  • Frick - Human Wu-Jen / Spirit Shaman (going for Mystic Theurge)
  • Frak - Human Barbarian (Fem)
  • Olaf - Human Barbarian / Fighter
  • Pumblechuck - Human Cloistered Cleric
  • Gem - Female Halfling Rogue (Fem)

The Company of the Bright Blade

This campaign was a careful blend of character-driven story and high fantasy combat.  It was a fairly high magic campaign, although there were ubiquitous magic shops in every town.  It was very successful and lasted for 2 years.  We reached a point where we knew that the story had to end for a moment; the characters had achieved many of their goals and needed to go their separate ways for story purposes.  You can read their journals and overall campaign story arc at my forums.

  • Abriel Stormyr - Human Paladin of Tyr

  • Ahmad ibn’Khalil - Human Sorcerer (Fire Elemental Savant)

  • Aurora Goldstein -  Human Priestess of Lathander (Cloth based cleric)

  • Izalereon Mindst - Tiefling Fighter (former Zhentarim)

  • Jared - Human Fencer (custom duelist class)

  • Nona'Me Gi'Ven - Halfling Ranger/Rogue/Divine Seeker



This was a hard one to let go, but I just didn't have the time and energy to continue writing for it.  It is still my favorite campaign of all time.  We had an amazing run - over 2 years.

Dramatis Personae

A feral, uncivilized man raised by wolves.  He has slightly longer arms than normal and a hunched back.  He wears little armor and carries a Falcovnian bastard sword, but he sometimes reverts to his claws.  He has an uncanny ability to shrug off blows and can speak with and injure any lupine creature regardless of damage reduction.


Isaiah Carter

Played by: Keith Brown

A human priest from Ohio, 1896 in the Gothic Earth setting.  He lost his wife and child on earth and is now looking for a purpose in his life in Ravenloft.  He has few treasures, just his bible, his father's antique gun, and his wedding ring.


Professor Amelia Joan Moret

A librarian gunslinger who is dedicated to studying the denizens of darkness.  Her knowledge in Ravenloft lore, Lycanthropes, and Undead is matched only by Van Richten himself (her idol).


Heinrich Wolfenstein

A human Sorcerer and Alchemical Philosopher.  He has impressive medical expertise and is constantly researching new medicines.  Recently, he acquired an artifact of demonic origin:  the Kyton Device - a sharp barbed circle with a pentagram of chains within.  He has slowly been changing into a fiend, and is desperately looking for a cure.


Rahm Whithermere (Von Zarovich)
A human thief.  He is a pyromaniac with Multiple Personality Disorder.  He is a proud (?) owner of two Ba'al Verzi Daggers--keen daggers that ignore all metal armor.  Recently, he managed to exorcise a fragment - Jenner.  Jenner was actually the ghost of his father, a Ba'al Verzi assassin, who is now roaming the Dread Realms as a ghostly assassin in the employ of Strahd Von Zarovich.


Verret Von Holten
A dark half-vistani of curious origin, Verret never knew his father.  He spent many years in the backstabbing, political domain of Dementlieu, and is a master investigator, swordsman, and jack-of-all trades.  He is still haunted by the loss of his newlywed wife.