House Rules

House Rules
4E Power Cards

Every campaign has house rules.  I decided to compile my house rules and make them available for your perusal.  Some files require Adobe Acrobat Reader.  This program is free and available through the icon below.

D&D General

Character Points

Character Points (called Hero Points in d20 modern) give PCs a slight edge in combat without actually breaking the game too much. A PC gains 1d6 character points automatically at each level increase, and may earn additional Character Points by posting on our forums and role-playing.

  • Role-playing: 0-2 cp per night for role-playing their character, making the table fun for others, and contributing to overall enjoyment of the game.
  • Posting: 1-3 cp for journal entries per session. Truly insightful, lengthy, or compelling entries might garner 4 cp.

What you can do with them: a player can use as many CPs as she chooses to modify a single d20 roll. For each CP, the player rolls 1d6, so if she spent 4 CPs, she would roll 4d6. From the d6's, she chooses the highest and applies that as a bonus to her d20 roll. She must choose to spend CPs before the roll is made.

House Rules Booklet

General House Rules (347 K)

This booklet contains most of our house rules.  Some aspects underwent many changes.  There are changes to classes, weapons, races... almost every chapter in the PHB.


Weapons Chart (76 K)

This chart details some changes for weapons.  Currently, we are not using crush ratings, so ignore all crush ratings and any accuracy penalties on weapons with crush.

D&D Arena

A variant of regular D&D, this is basically like D&D Deathmatch.  Players duke it out in a PVP gladatorial arena.


This campaign no longer meets, but I am including my house rules if anyone else want them.

Ground Rules:

These were the basic ground rules for my  Ravenloft Campaign.  Great care was taken to encourage role-playing and minimize meta-gaming or min-max play.  The players all agreed to these before joining the Campaign.  Word (32 Kb).


Black Powder Firearms Rules:

These rules cover the pistol, the horse pistol, the parthian rapier, and a long-barreled musket.  PDF (166 Kb).



To assist in character design, these backgrounds were made up.  We used the  Organic method in the DMG to determine ability scores.  Players chose a background before they roll their character stats, and can then either chose to accept or decline all of the adjustments for background.  Ability scores modified in this manner could not exceed the 3-18 range before racial modifiers were applied.  PDF (66 Kb)