Temple Dungeons

Temple Grounds
Temple Dungeons

Dungeon Level 1

Ok, I am exhausted.  This map kicked the ever-living donkey out of me.  It's just too big, with too many details.  I thought I was done, then found 14 mistakes and had to go back and touch-up the details.  Some things would have taken so long to fix that I just accepted them as they are.


I made a few changes to this map, mostly because I think some of the corridors in the original were a bit random, without much reason for going where they go.   Some were also diagonal without needing to be, and diagonals can be tricky to work with and play on.  I chose not to include the secret door to the Air shaft.  I noticed it missing a bit late in the design process, and realized that it made little sense in the grand scheme of things (for example, the module mentions narrow stairs on this level, but doesn't mention them on level 2 where it ends)


This is by far the largest map I have done and probably will do.  It's a monstrous 7,000 x 9,000 pixels.   To preserve Bandwidth, the thumbnail to the right opens the 25 dpi version, not the 100 dpi version.  Click on the link for the full version.


Alternatively, I have produced a version with a grid and white background for those who want to save ink.  Eventually, I might produce PDFs for battlemap printing, but I think you will have to be a bit crazy to print this thing.  If printed, it would span 5 ft, 10 inches wide by 7 ft, 6 inches long!


Detail Examples:


Starry Starry Night


Lab Monkey Rampage


A Pyramid Scheme


De-grating Treatment


Night Light!



Bone to Pick


BIG!  7000 x 9000!
Dungeon Level 1 (25 dpi)

FULL SIZE (100 dpi) - 8.5 MB



With Grid (25 dpi)
FULL SIZE (100 dpi) - 9.6 MB



The original map