Temple Grounds

Temple Grounds
Temple Dungeons


Temple Grounds & Exterior - in 3D

Google SketchUp.  4/2/07


Iíve put together this SketchUp model of the Temple of Elemental Evil (from the module of the same name). I used a model of the cathedral at Koln, Germany as my base, but made several modifications. Oh, the little dots on the grounds? Those are people, to scale. That place is huge!





Download the SketchUp model from Google's 3D Warehouse (external link)


Note:  You must have Google SketchUp to view this file, but it's free!


Bonus:  You can also download a higher resolution version of the video.  You will need an FLV player (such as the free Riva FLV Player) to view it.


Original Map

Broken Tower

Dundjinni & Photoshop  4/29/07


This is a map of the broken tower seen in the NE corner of the temple grounds.  It's a huge structure, and houses many troops.  it was a real challenge for me, because of all the temple grounds that I had to render, and I am not good at wilderness mapping.  Steve does a much, much better job than I do at this sort of thing.

Original Map

Broken Tower (2.7 MB)