Absolute World

Black and White Photo

This photo is a rare serious work.  It is a statement of absolute values (no pun intended) in our society.  People are either right or wrong, with you or against you.  Sometimes I feel that people do not see the grey areas.  In my opinion, that is all there is, everything is subjective.  
     In terms of technique, I was experimenting with high contrast photography.  I really like high the Baroque style, with strong lighting and dramatic composition.  In this picture, I tried to get almost all black and white, with very few grays.  I stacked three number 9 filters (the highest contrast) and even bleached the final photo a few times to get this effect.  

absolute.jpg (19172 bytes)


Black and White Photo
Self-Portrait, with developing effects

This one was taken with a simple flash on a very dark night.  The flash was at my feet, so the light only caught my eyes and hands.  Quite a cool accident, really.  I then thought, "hey, that looks rather ninja-like."  I created the glowing globe with a dime on the photo paper during development, and used a dodging technique to create the glow.  In the end, I got a rather mystical ninja. 

reptile.jpg (12288 bytes)

Demon Squirrel

Color Photo

This was taken on High School band trip to Washington D.C. in 1991.  We were in Arlington National Cemetery and the squirrel was very brave.  Well, a friend of mine decided to pet it, and it let her!  Luckily, I got the picture just as she touched its ears.  When I developed the picture, I found that I had caught the red-eye on the squirrel.  Looks creepy! 

demsquir.jpg (64752 bytes)