ToEE - Grounds
ToEE - Nodes


Mountain Pass

Original by Supercaptain, plus three modifications by me.


This map is just exquisite.  The blending of rocks and snow is just superbly done, and it begged for modifications. 


Alternate Versions (by me)

No bridge


Hot wasteland

No Bridge

Original by Supercaptain

1980 x 2530 (2.2 MB)


Into The Wild

By Supercaptain

Steve really has a talent for wilderness maps.  He cranked this beauty out in a single day, while sick!  I wish I had the talent and patience to do wilderness maps this well.

1208 x 823 (1.3 MB)

Road Fork

By Supercaptain

Supercaptain made this map as a request from me.  I wanted a generic map for overland encounters.  This works pretty well!   I made some modifications below, including 8x10 Battlemaps with Grids in PDF format!

Alternate Versions (by me)

Night Time


Evil, Blighted Land

Evil + Night = Evil2

2000 x 1600 (1 MB)

PDF Battlemaps (With Grids!)



By Supercaptain

Another excellent piece.  This one clearly demonstrate's Steve's mastery of water and color.  This is a tremendously detailed water map, with stormy seas, a sunken ship, and of course, a whirlpool waiting to draw the foolish down under. 

A light and dark version are available!

Light (5.3 MB)

Dark (4.3 MB)