H1 Maps Scanned

Posted by Tintagel on July 6th, 2008

Well, I bought H1, and I had to make some scans in order to get the maps into d20pro. I have all of the maps done so far except for the 2nd level, and that should be done this weekend.

I posted them on my Mad Mapper site, if anyone wants them. I’ve stitched together the poster maps and re-created the whole Level 1 map from various scans in the book. I also Photoshopped the notes and keys out of the maps (like miniature placement and such) so the player’s wouldn’t be tipped off.

Hopefully, some of you other Virtual Tabletop users will find some use for these. They might be high enough resolution to print too.

Virtual Tabletop: d20pro

Posted by Tintagel on July 5th, 2008

If you all have not seen d20pro yet (www.d20pro.com), you really should hop over there and download a trial license. It’s a simple and powerful virtual tabletop software that lets you play face-to-face or online D&D. D20pro is one of the best-kept secrets for D&D software.

It supports special abilities (at will, per encounter, per day, and charged). It has full support for attacks, including multiple attack routines, damage, and additional attacks due to Base Attack Bonus. it also has a robust effects system that tracks almost every modifier out there, plus ability score penalties and durations. Even better, you can save effects for use later. No more headaches from tracking rage, haste, bard song, bless, prayer, bull strength, and Prot Evil (just to name a few of the ones flying at our table) – oh yeah, and Fly! LOL

d20pro doesn’t ship with content, but it’s very easy to insert your own.  I’ve been collecting portraits from various sources for my own personal use, but I am happy to share my own image gallery and a map or two:

First, the character portraits: all 2,183 of them! YES you read that right. Unzip them and place the folders into your \d20Pro\dm\res\CTR folder.


Next, two sample adventures: Return of the Burning Plague, and the first chapter to Expedition to Castle Ravenloft, for 3.5 D&D. Unzip, then open d20pro, click the Map button (lower right) and choose Import. Then choose the two .d20 files.

If you intend to use d20pro for 4th Edition play (it’s natively a 3.5 product), then check out the 4th edition survival guide on the d20pro wiki: http://wiki.d20pro.com/page/4th+Edition+Survival+Guide

Enjoy, and let me know if you have any questions!

Theme & Name Change

Posted by Tintagel on July 5th, 2008

I decided to go with the name of my domain, since this is my blog.  Not very original, and I am siding towards Crit Happens, since that’s the tagline of d20pro, the software I am working a lot with.   We’ll see.  The theme has been changed to better match the name.

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