TONS of updates on the 4E Power cards…  In fact, there have been so many people contributing to this it needed consolidating.

I’ve created a website for the community to compile, collect, and host our work.  This site was created using Google Sites, a robust community website builder that’s part of the Google Apps suite. Google Sites gives us invitation capability to select users and gives us up to 10 GB of storage space.

Currently, you need a Gmail account to contribute to this site, but they are free.  Creating a gmail account also provides you with services such as Google Docs and Google Calendar – with Zero ads or spam.

Of course, if you just want to lurk, that’s cool too.

Again, if you want to contribute, you need a Gmail account.  Then I need to add you as a collaborator.  Just email me or type your google ID into the comment section below and I will get you an invite ASAP.  You will have to log into gmail before visiting the site in order to edit.
The Site: