I have made some major changes to my 4e Powercard template.  Some new features include:

  • Support for labels, so you can write your own numbers for attack and damage values – this is optional.
  • Pull-down menus for all icons and for action types, range, and labels
  • streamlined code – tightened things up – removed need for 2 directories
  • New Paragon and Epic variations of all cards, plus 2 misc colors.  Total of 11 variations per class.

This new version should make entering the data MUCH faster, but it WILL invalidate some of the information in your existing cards.  You will need to manually update some of that content, I am afraid.

However, I have some of the cards already updated, and within the week, I will update all of my MSE files at my website to level 30.  That way, you shouldn’t have to re-enter any data for core PHB classes.   If you previously purchased cards from me, simply email me and I will get you an updated file.